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Senior Executive Circle

Senior Executive Circle

Your Peer Advisory Group


Are there days where you find yourself needing clarity in implementing your strategic plan, managing your operations, motivating your employees, or satisfying your customer base? You are not alone.


New England Business Association presents a targeted forum aimed at enhancing the value of a CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, president, owner or partner in their business’s decision-making processes. You may be so completely consumed with the rigors of running your day-to-day operations that you do not have the focus or resources available to make strategic improvements for your business. That is where Senior Executive Circle comes in. There is a vast network of other like-minded leaders in our small business community and, although these executives may be from completely different verticals, they are confronted with similar challenges and critical responsibilities. Imagine being able to tap into their combined experience to help guide you in ways you may have not otherwise considered.


Senior Executive Circle is a ten-month program, which gets underway in September. At the start of the season, you and your group members develop a monthly meeting schedule that will work for you and the other members of your group. Each member of your group will have a chance to host a meeting at his or her place of business or another convenient location. When you host a meeting, you will present your most pressing issues and get objective advice and new ideas from the other members of the group.


Meetings are usually held in the early evenings and last about three hours. Historically, members have hosted one 3-hour meeting per season or two 1 ½ hour meetings. Topics that come up for discussion can be heavily weighted, such as closing a business, relocating, seeking the right kind of financing, or terminating employees.